About Us

What We Do

Our Mission is to create a better society through smarter, better brains. We develop nootropics and other cognitive enhancement products that are accessible, safe, and effective for everyone.

Our Axioms are the following:

This is our mission and core philosophy, and we're building the premiere human enhancment technology company. Learn more about our vision and our progress with our open-sourced Nootrobox Roadmap.

Who We Are

Geoffrey Woo

CEO / Co-founder

Geoff believes the team at Nootrobox is at the forefront of a massive revolution at the intersection of digital health, genomics, and things we consume. He holds a BS with Honors and Distinction in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Michael Brandt

COO / Co-founder

Michael Brandt is co-founder of Nootrobox, building products that will improve the daily health regimen of millions of people. Michael holds a Computer Science degree from Stanford University.

Paul Benigeri


Paul graduated from Stanford University with a BS in Computer Science. He spent one year working on Backslash, the easiest way to send and receive Bitcoin, and can be found hanging out in Reactiflux.

Gavin Banks

Business Development & Operations

As a former D.1 Track and Field athlete for the University of California, Davis, Gavin is exceptionally passionate about performance and health. He holds a BA in Communication and a Master's Degree in Advertising from the Academy of Art University.

Ben Woosley


Ben is a dedicated developer and bio-hacker. He's been investigating and optimizing his health, and contributing to Ruby on Rails since 2011. He's been playing roles from entrepreneur to CTO since 2009.

Zhill Olonan

Social Media & Content

Zhill prides himself on being unconventional, paving his own path for his future and succeeding due to his passion, dedication, & communication skills. Zhill has never stopped working media jobs and gigs, and continues to hone his abilities and improve his craft.

Chrissy Ensley

Operations & Supply Chain

Chrissy is passionate about bringing innovative products from ideation into reality, and has held product development engineering, operations, and supply chain roles at CPG firms offering everything from soap to organic baby food. She holds a Bachelors and Masters in Chemical Engineering from Stanford and MIT, respectively.

Michael Lee


Michael Lee is passionate about practicing holistic design and craftsmanship. He’s led design in one of the fastest growing consumer tech companies in 2013 and is now designing the future of human enhancement.

Science & Medical Team

Rob Chen


Robert is a Machine Learning and Data Science expert advancing the state of the art in healthcare analytics and personalized health. He’s a joint MD candidate at Emory University and PhD candidate in Computer Science at Georgia Tech, and he earned his BS in Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Laya Rajan


Laya graduated from MIT in 2014 with a degree in brain and cognitive sciences and is currently an MD/PhD candidate in neuroscience at the Georgetown University School of Medicine/NIH program. She is excited about expanding the body of scientific knowledge around improving cognition and making biohacking a more inclusive space for everyone.

Sumeet Sharma

Medicine & Science

Sumeet is an Emory MD/PhD Candidate investigating the neurobiology of stress at Harvard Medical School's McLean Hospital. He is driven to make personalized medicine a reality, to improve health and empower individuals.


We have some of the world's most brilliant minds at our back.

Our investors include Andreessen Horowitz , Marissa Mayer (CEO, Yahoo!), Mark Pincus (Founder and CEO, Zynga), Dr. Connie Chen (Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Vida Health), and Kevin Chou (Founder and CEO, Kabam).

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Nootrobox is an ultra talented team. We're growing rapidly and we offer interesting problems to think about and solve - human enhancement.

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