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What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics describe a broad classification of drugs or compounds with cognitive enhancing properties with minimal side-effects appropriate for long-term use — the scientific nomenclature for "smart drugs."

What is the science and research behind nootropics, and how do nootropics work?

1.) Increase levels of various neurotransmitters associated with learning and memory.

Learn more about boosting neurotransmitter levels.

2.) Boost vasodilation of the brain thereby increasing brain blood and oxygen flow.

Learn more about boosting brain blood flow.

3.) Preserve and protect the brain's neurons via toxin removal and anti-oxidation.

Learn more about neuron preservation and protection.

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Our Mission.

These are the three guiding principles of how we produce our product and operate our business.

I. Data and science: Our products are simple, with actual dosages and actual potency shown to be effective in actual peer-reviewed clinicals.

II. Transparency: No proprietary ingredients or secret formulas. You know exactly what you’re taking into your body. We work directly with the best nutraceutical manufacturers in the USA with full FDA cGMP certifications to create the best products possible. No middle-men, no additional mark ups.

III. Leadership: We're making products that millions of people will use every day. We’re going to be leading and building the community that bring nootropics and biohacking to the world.

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