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The Biohacker Guide from Nootrobox is the definitive biohacking resource and guide. There's tremendously exciting research in the areas of cognitive modulation, biohacking, and human enhancement. With that excitement, however, comes misinterpretation and hype. The guide cuts through the noise and distils the latest data, results, and conclusions from peer-reviewed, statistically significant studies.

In this compendium, we seek to establish a resource for you to begin hacking your biology. We believe that optimization is an iterative process, so we have written protocols that are a good place to start your journey as a biohacker. In addition to our protocols, we list tools to quantify the domains you are trying to optimize, that we have found through research and personal experience to be the best in class. For example, macro-nutrient tracking options to optimize your diet or cognitive testing tools to optimize your brain function. Through these pages, you will also find in-depth explanations of each facet of the protocols, from descriptions of the nootropics to descriptions of the biological domains they modify.

Hacking Cognition

What is optimal cognition? It depends on your state and goals, and to some degree, it is a highly personalized choice that may be most affected by your personal situation. For example, insufficient sleep, or a suboptimal diet can also interfere with peak cognitive performance. Read on, to see our biohacker protocol for optimizing cognition. (Learn more)

Hacking Diet

Dieting and nutrition are deeply individual endeavours that should be guided by your goal and what regimen fits best with your lifestyle. (Learn more)

Hacking Exercise

The goal of this section of the guide is to give you a general introduction to exercise and give you a simple plan to help you get on the right track in terms of exercise. The advice in the Hacking Exercise guide is synergistic with the Hacking Diet and Hacking Cognition guides, each of which are important components to helping you reach your fitness goals. Whether your current exercise level is couch or World Cup football player, there is always something you can do to improve your performance! (Learn more)

You can change your behavior. With self-determination, coaches and friends, self-quantification tools, nootropics, and other resources, there are more ways than ever to improve your quality of life. Here we present the best tools to accomplish your biohacking goals through scientifically vetted approaches that you can implement to improve your life. We hope you find this roadmap useful and engaging. And we look forward to your feedback as we constantly improve the Biohacker Guide.

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