The Science and Research behind Nootrobox

What are nootropics?

Nootropics describe a broad classification of drugs or compounds with cognitive enhancing properties with very low prevalence of side effects that can be taken for long-term use — the scientific nomenclature for "smart drugs." While the promise of “smart drugs” is appealing, nootropics unfortunately do not instantaneously bestow higher IQ or a better intellect. However, there is real science and real clinical research that show the cognitive benefits of nootropics in 3 key areas: 1.) boosting neurotransmitter levels critical to memory and learning, 2.) increasing blood flow to the brain, and 3.) protecting the brain from the aging process.

How are increased neurotransmitter levels helpful for learning and memory?

Your brain is a network of neurons connected by synapses. These neurons communicate and work together through chemicals known as neurotransmitters. Higher concentrations of certain neurotransmitters are linked to improved concentration, better memory, mood elevation, increased processing ability for mental work, and longer attention spans. With continued supplementation of nootropics, individuals sustain boosted level of these neurotransmitters resulting in long lasting improvement to the health and efficacy of your brain.

How is vasodilation (increasing brain blood and oxygen flow) of the brain beneficial?

Blood supplies your brain with more oxygen, nutrients, and glucose (the primary energy source used by the brain during long periods of focus). By raising blood flow and oxygenation, these nootropics will immediately boost capacity for memory and focus. This class of nootropic is favored for more immediate, short-term boosts of energy and focus.

How do nootropics preserve and protect the brain's neurons?

Certain classes of nootropics are associated with slowing down the neuron aging process. Over time, this can significantly slow down signs of aging like loss of memory and even counter the development of disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

The Nootrobox Service

We're highly rated in the field of nootropics for our transparency, quality, and customer service.

What if I'm not ready to subscribe to Nootrobox but am still interested in sampling RISE?

We offer "Dabble Packs" which are small week-long worth of RISE. We also offer single shipments of Nootrobox.

How long does it take to ship my order? Can I track my order?

We process your order within 24 hours after we receive it. We will email you a tracking number after we ship your order.

How does the referral program work?

Once you order, we will issue you a custom generated URL link from which you can share with friends and family.

When folks buy through that link, we will credit you $5 for your next Nootrobox order.

Do you guys ship internationally?

We currently ship within the USA and Canada. Due to tremendous international interest, however, we are actively looking at enabling international distribution in a way that makes sense both cost-wise and time-wise for our customers. Please email us at to help us determine interest in your country!

How do I upgrade / cancel / change my subscription settings?

Login and manage your account here, or email us at, and we'll take care of you. You can cancel / upgrade at anytime (up until the point we ship your box).

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes. Your connection to is encrypted with 128-bit encryption.

Does Nootrobox carry other stacks?

RISE is currently the only stack we offer. Our second stack SPRINT is currently on pre-sale. We plan to expand to new stacks with different nootropic effects as we continue to grow our community.

What if I have more questions?

Please do not hesitate to email us at

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